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Viktoria Ganhao is a contemporary painter, working as full-time artist. She was born in Kiev and grew up in an artistic family, since a very young age the artistic environment surrounding her, made her explore painting which became an integral part of her. 

She worked in the Fashion Industry for 17 years and pursued an entrepreneurial career, lived in 6 countries, never stopped painting on her  free time, selling her artworks privately through word of mouth to friends and collectors, mainly in the USA, UK, Spain, Austria, Greece, Ukraine and Portugal. 



She loves to use mainly 2 mediums such as oil and acrylics. She believes that working in a single medium is restrictive to her artistic process. Each medium allows her to express her ideas in different styles.



She creates mostly abstract and semi-abstract landscapes/seascapes in oil and acrylic on canvas.

Her paintings are based on her own unique thoughts and experiences, having traveled worldwide to more than 40 countries and sometimes photographs taken during her travels.

She prefers to paint in silence and in quiet places to better feel the emotions and thoughts that she transmits to her paintings.

She wants her paintings to create a moment where the thinking process stops and intuition and a better understanding of yourself takes over.

This way each painting is one-of-a-kind as it reflects a unique experience and moment.


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